Saturday, 7 July 2012

Weekend fun

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a good week whatever you've been up to.  Mine has passed by very quickly again with a flurry of activity.  Mini Budgie went to an induction at his new school this week and loved it.  He is soon to take the big leap from preschool to primary school!  I think this jump is much more traumatic for mummies than it is for their precious babies!  My heart did pang when I went to collect him and they were in the middle of story time and he was sitting on the floor sucking his thumb.  My baby is still a baby!  He will be one of the youngest in the class but I'm sure he will do just fine.

We had a happy day today with some South African friends having a traditional dish of potjiekos which I just love. 

It is a stew like dish that is cooked slowly in a potjie (cast iron pot) on a fire outside.  I have family in South Africa and spent quite a lot of time out there as a child and my hubby is South African so I feel at home with the culture and especially love how they cook outdoors come rain or shine!  My hubby rigged up the tarpaulin to shelter us from the rain and we all had a lovely time.  Potjiekos is delicious!

Another thing that made my day extra lovely was an order for this phone cover. This will be making its way to Australia on Monday!  It's so exciting to make a sale!

Iphone cover, knitted flowers

Hopefully I will be back quite soon to give you a crafty update on what I have been working on! 


  1. Hey Rachel congrats on the order, it's very cute......
    Sounds like you've had a fun weekend, The Potjiekos sounds very you use any particular ingredients or just what is at hand?
    I'm sure MB will make the transition to primary school easily. Children are very adaptable. It sounds like he is at a wonderful age, enjoy every minute of it, they grow up so fast.
    Have a great week,

    CLaire :}

    1. Thank you Claire! Yes, you can put anything you like in Potjiekos really! The one we ate had chicken, loads of different vegetables and lots of herbs. Some people make it with fish. Basically whatever you like you can use! x

  2. Such a pretty phone cover!
    Victoria xx

  3. The stew sounds yummy. It must be hard to watch your little one make it to the older school, but he sounds like he will have fun. Love the flowers on your project. Very nice contrast!

  4. Oh my goodness Rachel, I have just read your comment on Little tin bird, Heather's blog saying you live in Hailsham and then reading this post about potjiekos and you being married to a South African and having spent time out there as a child. Wow, we have quite a lot in common with me living in Bexhill, being a South African and loving potjie!
    Brought back fabulous memories seeing your photograph.
    Have you visited Wendy at her blog '15 Coast Road' she is a fellow South African also living in Bexhill....the land of Blog makes the world so much smaller and it's so good to meet people you have so much in common with xox Thanks for this post, really made me smile x Penelope

    1. Glad you liked this post! I know, I have noticed the same thing about us having things in common! I think you also have a job in healthcare. Is that right? I am a nurse and I had an update training course in Bexhill Hospital this week and I thought of you! I was wondering if we ever pass people from blogland in real life! No, I haven't visited Wendy before, but I will go and have a look now! Rachel x