Friday, 20 July 2012

Birds, birds, birds!

Birds on the brain!  That is what I have at the moment!  I am so thankful that my birds have proved a hit but I have been bird making all week and so my brain is full of them!  I still enjoy making them though.

I've been making lots - ones with bag tags and ones without.

Blue ones, green ones and pink ones!

And packing them all up reading for delivery!

I have loved it!  It is lovely when something that you make is appreciated and wanted by others.  I have felt a lot of satisfaction from it. 

Here is my own precious bird.

Look at that beautiful face!  In the middle of his breakfast.  Charlie continues to bring a lot of joy to the house and he is a dear little bird.  So friendly and never happier than when he is sitting on someone's shoulder involved in the family activity.  My hubby has been teaching him to wolf whistle and today Charlie has been wolf whistling away for the first time!  It does make us smile.

Hope you have all had a lovely week and have a wonderful weekend.  Here's hoping for a little bit of sunshine!


  1. You are so creative..they are all so cute!

  2. I just love seeing pictures of your Charlie! He's so pretty, as are your little crochet birds!
    Victoria xx

  3. Really cute birds, and Charlie looks very sweet! xx

  4. Hello Rachel
    Not surprised really that you are having such success with your birdies.....they are sweet!
    Charlie looks adorable too....the wolf whistling bit made me smile :-)
    What sort of bird is he? I'm pretty ignorant where breeds of birds are concerned.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)