Thursday, 26 April 2012

And here it is......!

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise when I opened the door to receive these beautiful flowers sent by my lovely sister!  I love flowers and my sister knew I was in need of a little pick me up!  She is so kind. I love seeing them in the conservatory as I walk past.  Today I kept forgetting they were there and got fresh enjoyment from them each time I saw them!

So, yesterday I showed you what I had been working (playing) on and promised to show you the results!  Well, here it is!  A flower pincushion!  A super simple and enjoyable project!  I made two flowers like the one in my last post and then crocheted them together, stuffing with hollowfibre filling as I went.

 Of course, it was so enjoyable to make that I had to make another one!  I made this one into a friendly flower with a smiley face!  I like it, but it did make me feel a bit mean sticking pins in it though!  Maybe this should just be a decorative flower to brighten a room instead! 

 These pincushions are going to be put in my little Etsy shop and I am sure I will be making lots more of different designs now I have caught the pincushion bug!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Playing with wool!

I have just come back from a lovely morning of tea and cakes at a friend's who was having a Macmillan fundraising coffe and cake morning.  Lots of people came and it was a lovely time.  I ate a little too much cake though, but it's all for a good cause (I tell myself to justify it!)

I have another peg bag to show you!  Once I made the first one, I had to make another one as I had a particular idea in my head that I had to make happen!

Inside my head was a pretty scene of trees, flowers and butterflies that I wanted to make and here is how it turned out.  I'm quite pleased with it and it cheers my heart to look at it!  I didn't follow a pattern, but tried and unravelled several times until I had what I wanted! 
 I always find it interesting how people have their own particular colour palette when it comes to making things with wool and they are usually quite distinctive.  These are colours which I love to work with and would say are very 'me'!
 I was playing around with these colours last evening and this is what I came up with.  Again, I have a plan for this flower and I will hopefully be able to show you the result soon!
I love nothing better than sitting with a bag of wool and knitting or crocheting especially when the boys are in bed and I can sit down guilt free.  I always try to get housework things done by early evening so I can have that time in the evening.  It's my little sanctuary of peace!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Peg bags and baby booties!

I've just realised that I am terrible at thinking of titles!  Does anyone else find it difficult?  Maybe I am thinking about them too much!  At the moment, this post still doesn't have one but hopefully by time I have finished, one will have come to me!

Anyway, I promised last time that I would show you my peg pag, however it turned out!  Well, here it is!

It is not perfect but I am pleased with it!  It will be holding my pegs for me very shortly!  I think maybe it should have a lining, but I am not good with sewing at all!  I have been given a sewing machine by a lovely friend who did not use it and thought I might make more use of it than her.  I am very excited to have it but just a little unsure of how to use it!  I would really love to learn, so I will make the effort and get it out and have a play! 
I heard yesterday that a friend had had her baby and he was two weeks early so I was a bit unprepared!  So, this morning I have made these.  I love making booties.  They are quite quick and simple, but the results are so satisfying!  They always melt my heart a little bit!
 Hopefully they will be making the new arrival's feet snuggly very soon!  I had just finished making these when I made a cup of tea and was catching up with some blog reading and I was excited to read about Heather's baby news!  Congratulations Heather! 
Well, it is nearly time to go and collect the little ones so I will finish there and I still haven't thought of a title!  Sorry people, but it is going to have to be pretty unimaginative!  I will try to do better next time!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello everyone!

It is lovely to see that my blog is beginning to be read by a few people and thank you to those who have commented.  It is a strange feeling writing to yourself and wondering if anyone will read it eventually!  I guess everyone goes through this when they first start blogging!

I have a make to show you!  I have made a phone cover for my iphone that is inspired by Lucy from Attic24 and her ripple pattern.

I have used one repetition of her 14 stitch sequence which is the perfect size for my phone and I made a front and back of the same design and crocheted them together.
This was a quick and easy project and fun and satisfying to make!

Both my boys are at school and preschool today and it is raining and blustery outside so it has been a perfect day for being creative.  I have started making a peg bag which I will show you if it turns out well enough!  Maybe I'll show you even if it doesn't, actually!  The failures as well as the successes are all part of the creative process, aren't they?!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Eggs anyone?

Let me introduce you to my feathery friends, Penny, Bellina, Snowdrop and Speckles! 

These faithful chickens produce lots of eggs and this is the sight I am greeted with most days!  Lovely fresh eggs!  I love all my chickens dearly, but the two brown ones (Penny and Bellina) have a particularly special place in my heart.  They are ex battery hens that were rescued by the British Hen Welfare Trust, a great charity that finds loving homes for ex battery hens who are no longer wanted by farmers and destined for a sorry end.

This is the before and after pictures!  They were a sorry state when I got them, but a year and a half later, after lots of tender loving care, they have blossomed into beautiful girls!  You wouldn't believe they were the same chickens, would you?!

They are such friendly creatures and are full of character and mischief!  This is where I found them this morning!  They know I keep the dried worms (their favourite!) in the shed, so they were looking for them, I'm sure!

I have great satisfaction in knowing that I have given these chickens a home where they are happy, healthy and thriving and of course, they give me plenty of eggs in return which are enjoyed my family, neighbours and friends! I am sure you will be seeing more of these girls in the future!

Friday, 13 April 2012

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while, but have been apprehensive about it for some reason!  I have been inspired by so many wonderful blogs and would love to perhaps inspire someone else one day as well!  Well, I am taking the plunge and have begun my first post! 

I love to knit and crochet and am always creating something or thinking about new ideas for my next make!  I have a little shop where I have started to sell some of my creations and this I have really enjoyed. 

I have two little boys who I will call Little Budgie and Mini Budgie for the purpose of this blog!  They are a delight (most of the time!) and I love being mum to them and at the moment I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum which I appreciate so much. 

Well, there is lots to figure out and discover in the blogworld and I am full of anticipation as I venture into it!  Right now though, I am very sleepy and in need of my bed! So, until next time, goodbye!