Monday, 16 April 2012

Eggs anyone?

Let me introduce you to my feathery friends, Penny, Bellina, Snowdrop and Speckles! 

These faithful chickens produce lots of eggs and this is the sight I am greeted with most days!  Lovely fresh eggs!  I love all my chickens dearly, but the two brown ones (Penny and Bellina) have a particularly special place in my heart.  They are ex battery hens that were rescued by the British Hen Welfare Trust, a great charity that finds loving homes for ex battery hens who are no longer wanted by farmers and destined for a sorry end.

This is the before and after pictures!  They were a sorry state when I got them, but a year and a half later, after lots of tender loving care, they have blossomed into beautiful girls!  You wouldn't believe they were the same chickens, would you?!

They are such friendly creatures and are full of character and mischief!  This is where I found them this morning!  They know I keep the dried worms (their favourite!) in the shed, so they were looking for them, I'm sure!

I have great satisfaction in knowing that I have given these chickens a home where they are happy, healthy and thriving and of course, they give me plenty of eggs in return which are enjoyed my family, neighbours and friends! I am sure you will be seeing more of these girls in the future!


  1. Hi just found your blog.

    Oh how lucky you are, fresh eggs every morning!

    Fleur xx

  2. Oooo lucky you, having hens! I used to rescue ex-battery hens and it is a real delight to watch them feather up and learn to scratch! I remember their faces one morning when I opened their door and it had snowed, but they were determined to come out and gingerly minced around until they got used to it!

  3. Fantastic! Poor little chicken... How awful that before picture is. And how wonderful she looks today. She is lucky chicken indeed that you crossed her life path to rescue her.

    I really want to have my own chickens but I am a little bit nervous about the commitment... And the fact that we have cats... And that the big furry fox sneaks around at night... But maybe we will take the leap to extend our family with beautiful chickens like your. I actually love the idea of rescuing a few just like you. That would fulfill my heart tremendously. I wonder where I can find a chicken rescue center here in Switzerland... Hmmm. And thanks for popping by, leaving a trail so I could find you over here. A pleasure. :D

    1. I would say go for it! Having chickens is such a delight and they are easy to care for. My lovely hubby made a large secure run for them so they have lots of room and are safe from Mr Fox and I let them out to wander everyday when I can keep an eye on them. I did a quick bit of research and apparently Switzerland banned battery in hens in 1992! That's great! But I am sure you would be able to find some unwanted hens from farms that need a happy retirement!

      Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog!

  4. My goodness, what a difference! They're so beautiful now, thriving under your care. Well done. :)