Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Playing with wool!

I have just come back from a lovely morning of tea and cakes at a friend's who was having a Macmillan fundraising coffe and cake morning.  Lots of people came and it was a lovely time.  I ate a little too much cake though, but it's all for a good cause (I tell myself to justify it!)

I have another peg bag to show you!  Once I made the first one, I had to make another one as I had a particular idea in my head that I had to make happen!

Inside my head was a pretty scene of trees, flowers and butterflies that I wanted to make and here is how it turned out.  I'm quite pleased with it and it cheers my heart to look at it!  I didn't follow a pattern, but tried and unravelled several times until I had what I wanted! 
 I always find it interesting how people have their own particular colour palette when it comes to making things with wool and they are usually quite distinctive.  These are colours which I love to work with and would say are very 'me'!
 I was playing around with these colours last evening and this is what I came up with.  Again, I have a plan for this flower and I will hopefully be able to show you the result soon!
I love nothing better than sitting with a bag of wool and knitting or crocheting especially when the boys are in bed and I can sit down guilt free.  I always try to get housework things done by early evening so I can have that time in the evening.  It's my little sanctuary of peace!


  1. I totally agree with your last paragraph. I get that flutterl of excitement as I tuck the last boy into bed and then know than the rest of the evening is mine (once I've fed myself and the husband and cleaned up)

    Welcome to blog land by the way.


  2. I am really enjoying your blog! My colour palette used to be various shades of purple but I am not branching out and trying new things.