Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello everyone!

It is lovely to see that my blog is beginning to be read by a few people and thank you to those who have commented.  It is a strange feeling writing to yourself and wondering if anyone will read it eventually!  I guess everyone goes through this when they first start blogging!

I have a make to show you!  I have made a phone cover for my iphone that is inspired by Lucy from Attic24 and her ripple pattern.

I have used one repetition of her 14 stitch sequence which is the perfect size for my phone and I made a front and back of the same design and crocheted them together.
This was a quick and easy project and fun and satisfying to make!

Both my boys are at school and preschool today and it is raining and blustery outside so it has been a perfect day for being creative.  I have started making a peg bag which I will show you if it turns out well enough!  Maybe I'll show you even if it doesn't, actually!  The failures as well as the successes are all part of the creative process, aren't they?!

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