Thursday, 26 April 2012

And here it is......!

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise when I opened the door to receive these beautiful flowers sent by my lovely sister!  I love flowers and my sister knew I was in need of a little pick me up!  She is so kind. I love seeing them in the conservatory as I walk past.  Today I kept forgetting they were there and got fresh enjoyment from them each time I saw them!

So, yesterday I showed you what I had been working (playing) on and promised to show you the results!  Well, here it is!  A flower pincushion!  A super simple and enjoyable project!  I made two flowers like the one in my last post and then crocheted them together, stuffing with hollowfibre filling as I went.

 Of course, it was so enjoyable to make that I had to make another one!  I made this one into a friendly flower with a smiley face!  I like it, but it did make me feel a bit mean sticking pins in it though!  Maybe this should just be a decorative flower to brighten a room instead! 

 These pincushions are going to be put in my little Etsy shop and I am sure I will be making lots more of different designs now I have caught the pincushion bug!


  1. The pin cushions are lovely! I don't own a pin cushion and I am guilty of putting pins on the arms of the couch!

  2. What lovely flowers - both the real ones and the woolly ones - the smiley face one certainly makes me feel like smiling :)

  3. Hello Rachel! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Just popped over to visit and love these pin cushions (and your other makes too - that peg bag is gorgeous) I'm not surprised they are quite addictive to make! Elizabeth x