Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee preparations

Hello everyone!

How are you all?  Hope you've been having a lovely week in the beautiful sunshine we have still been having.  I have been working unfortunately for the last two weeks which I am not used to as I have not worked for six months so it has all been a bit of a shock to the system!  Fitting in housework, being a mummy, wife and a nurse is tricky!  Anyway, I have managed it and we all survived and the house is still standing! 

This is what I have been busy with since finishing work today.  Union Jack cupcakes!

Little Budgie has jubilee celebrations at his school tomorrow and we needed to make cakes to bring along.  Now, cake decorating is definitely not my forte so I was actually quite pleased with my effort!  I am sure lots of you have come up with much more spectacular creations for your jubilee activities, but for me this is good!

They got the thumbs up from Little Budgie so that's the important thing!  Isn't it lovely to see your children really appreciate the effort you make in things like this.  It brings joy to my heart!

Another task we had for tomorrow's events is to make a royal hat for a hat parade!  Now again, give me needles, hook and wool and I'm away, but paper, sticky tape, glue and I'm a bit stuck!  But this was a joint effort from all the family and this is what we came up with!

Little Budgie has been parading around in it proudly.  Hopefully it will withstand all the excitment of tomorrow!

I hope the weather holds out for all these happenings over the weekend, but it doesn't look too promising does it!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  What jubilee plans do you have?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Scrummy looking cakes Rachel. No plans here as such but the flags are out and the bunting is up and is making me feel very jolly :)
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello Rachel...Your cupcakes looks delicious...they would certainly be best sellers this weekend if you had a little cake shop.
    Such a fabulous hat...I love the tall style...Good Luck in the hat parade today. It sounds as though it will be so much fun!
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend (and a bit of a rest too!)
    Susan x

  3. Those cakes look fabulous, I thought they were shop bought when I saw the pic so you have done yourself proud!

  4. Yummy cakes! They must have taken you ages to ice :)

  5. Those are the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen! :)