Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bluebell walk

I love bluebells and so every year on my birthday it has become something of a tradition to go for a walk in a bluebell wood.  So on Sunday we went to the woods very close to our house and walked!  The bluebells seemed to be over their best (a little earlier than last year) but they still provided a beautiful blue carpet.

 I love to be surrounded by the singing birds, floaty leaves.........

 The pretty wild flowers..........

and seeing the lovely colour contrast of the grey brown tree bark and the fresh green moss and ivy growing on it........

It made me incredibly happy!  An hour of peaceful bliss (apart from the boys making their usual boyish noise!)

I will leave you with another scene that I love.  Directly outside my son's school is this beautiful field.  Unfortunately I did not capture it on a blue sky day, but I still think it is beautiful.  Everyday I think how grateful I am to have such a pleasurable school run.  A five minute drive of no traffic, sheep and the little lambs, pheasants crossing the road and beautiful yellow fields!  I am very blessed!


  1. What gorgeous pictures, I wish we had such a lovely bluebell wood nearby.

  2. Lovely blog but.... too many exclamation marks!!!!! You have one on the end of nearly every sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!