Sunday, 6 May 2012

Birthday fun!

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!  I have had a lovely birthday weekend and feel thoroughly spoilt and very thankful for my wonderful friends and family. On Saturday we went for our high tea at a posh hotel and tried our hardest to be sophisticated ladies!  I think the way we kept taking pictures of everything and dancing in the luxurious toilets gave us away a little though!

(I'm the one with the dark hair!)  My friend had made party bags with lovely treats including a pink keyring that said 'keep calm and carry on knitting'!  Perfect for me!

As you can see, we feasted on delicious sandwiches and scones and beautiful cakes!  It was a perfect afternoon!

Today my lovely sister came to visit with a pretty pink butterfly birthday cake and insisted on it having thirty candles (which took five breathes for me to breathe out!)

What a happy weekend it has been!  Now it's time for me to recover from all the excitment with some quiet knitting!

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  1. That just sounds like a blissful weekend, Happy Birthday!