Sunday, 17 June 2012

My new friend


I hope you have all had a lovely Father's Day.  We have spent ours with my parents in Bournemouth and we have had a lovely weekend.  It has been an eventful week with my son's birthday, my mum's birthday and Father's Day.  So many cards and presents to be given!

Let me introduce you to my new beautiful friend.

Meet Charlie!  He is my new baby!  He is a seven week old cockatiel and is absolutely gorgeous.  I love him so much.  He was a gift from a very special friend and he has brought so much joy into our lives in the week  that he has been with us.  He is a very friendly bird and loves to be cuddled and have his head scratched.  He goes to sleep on my shoulder whilst I'm doing the housework!  He is very loved by my boys and hopefully will be a member of our family for a very long time.  (They can live for about 20-25 years). 

I had a budgie called Percy for 10 years and he sadly died at the end of last year. (He was my little companion through university, meeting my husband, marrying and having children! )  I had not been able to face getting another bird again until now and Charlie is a wonderful addition to the family.  It's amazing how much joy a little creature can bring.  I love his cheerful song filling the house!  I am sure you will hearing and seeing more of him in the future! 


  1. Ooh, Charlie is adorable, Rachel!...He is such a handsome young man too! I'll definitely look forward to seeing more of him in the future!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  2. Oh I love Charlie, such a pretty little thing (if boys can be pretty) :)
    Victoria xx

  3. He's such a the feathers sticking up, too cute.
    I used to have a budgie who would sit on the side of my plate and eat my vegies.
    Pets make a house a home and bring a new dimension to family life.

    Claire :}

  4. twit a woo! what a handsom fella! welcome to the family!

  5. Charlie looks so happy!! I had one of those for about 10years. He would stay on my shoulder all day. I could do just about anything and he wouldn't fly away. I could even go outside...yes outside and a few times I would, on accident, go to the store and he would still be on there so I would put him in my purse and do know he would stay there!!! Good times and great memories. Hope you have many to come with Charlie!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful friend to give you such a special gift. He looks like a gorgeous boy and I am looking forward to hearing all about him.